Jan Levy

Jan Levy

Managing Director

There is a special space somewhere between the corporate world and the charity world, and I’ve been lucky enough to work in that space for the last 17 or so years, stepping into both worlds, helping to bring the two together for mutual benefit.

I started Three Hands Insight having seen the depth of knowledge and expertise in the non-profit sector on issues that affect customers. At the same time I realised that this expertise was not being tapped into by businesses, and not valued by the charities themselves, and with support from some fabulous friends and colleagues I set out to rectify that.

It is the latest expression of my commitment to the principle of creating business value and social value hand in hand, to explore and help enhance the role of business in society, to help business be truly socially useful.

I joined Three Hands in 2005 and have been at the helm for 10 years now, during which time I’ve worked closely with organisations including Royal London, Sky, Lloyds Banking Group, Centrica, Network Rail, M&G Prudential and Vodafone on experiential leadership development, high impact community investment, and now customer insight and innovation.