Lucia Bertello

Head of Social Insight

I joined Three Hands focusing on its ‘Social Insight’ arm, bringing my experience as a qualitative and ethnographic researcher across the public, private and third sectors. I strongly believe that listening to different people’s stories is a powerful way to construct a genuine understanding of the world, fostering empathy, and inspiring meaningful change. It is a privilege for me to witness and contribute to Three Hands’ mission of bringing these stories to the forefront of businesses.

My motivation for engaging in meaningful work stems from a desire to make a tangible impact on the real world. And my curiosity and enthusiasm to learn new things and understand people’s attitudes and behaviours led me to pursue a career in psychology and social research. I enjoy learning from people with diverse backgrounds and mindsets, continually challenging both my and others’ assumptions. Additionally, I have a background in Cognitive Neuroscience of Music, driven by my passion for music and the conviction of its power to connect people and generate social impact.

Before joining Three Hands, I worked in a randomised control trial in deprived communities in Panama, evaluating a parenting programme, and at an insight and innovation agency in London. My experience includes research design, applying theory of change and behaviour change principles, conducting place-based research, in-depth interviews, and moderating focus groups. I’ve investigated a wide range of social issues, from the unmet needs of families managing their child’s epilepsy with digital tools to the experiences of people with learning difficulties or autism in finding and maintaining employment, the risk factors leading children to harm online, people’s attitudes towards voting, and the football fans’ experiences during an international tournament, among others.