Conchita Anastasi

Senior Project Manager

Conchita is Three Hands’ Senior Project Manager. On joining the organisation in 2021 her first role was to start building our Lived Expert Research Community from scratch.

Conchita brings 10 years’ experience of in training and facilitation to our social insight work. She applies her sense of empathy to skilfully host conversations with our lived experts, creating a comfortable and safe space for participants to share their experiences.

Conchita’s career started in the charity sector, with two decades of experience in fund development, programme design and delivery, and marketing. Through her last role at the Foundation for Social Improvement, Conchita worked with thousands of charities, helping them to maximize their effectiveness, sustainability, and social impact.

Conchita is a Trustee for the London Legal Support Trust (LLST), an organisation that provides funding for free legal advice in London and the South East. She is an active member of their finance and grant-making committees. Outside of this Conchita enjoys spending time with her young family, bouldering and all things to do with food.