‘Unlocking Vulnerability’ Podcast

Michael Hilton, Director at Three Hands, was invited to be a guest on Helen Pettifer’s Unlocking Vulnerability podcast, to discuss the insight that charities and those with lived experience can bring to support businesses looking to better serve their vulnerable customers.

COVID-19 has transformed ‘vulnerable customers’ from a niche industry term to a mainstream concern.  The latest guidance from the Financial Conduct Authority sets the clear expectation that businesses be “more proactive in anticipating the needs of vulnerable consumers for example by considering vulnerability at all stages of the product and service design process or designing inclusive products and services that meet the needs of all”.

You can listen here.

In this 15-minute podcast, Helen and Michael discuss…

  • The value of engaging those with lived experience directly, illustrated by insights from conversations with a former gambling addict and a survivor of domestic and economic abuse;
  • What charities and the people support can bring to the vulnerability agenda, in terms of developing new products, services and customer journeys and helping front-line staff to develop critical skills such as empathy;
  • How COVID-19 has changed the vulnerability landscape, with charities expecting a huge spike in demand this autumn including from new groups of people who are in financial difficulty for the first time; and
  • Advice on how businesses can engage most effectively with charities, ensuring they value (and pay for) their expertise and avoid being an additional burden on their resources.

You can find the rest of Helen’s Unlocking Vulnerability series on Spreaker here.

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