Three Hands Insight Launch – The Best Bits

For those that couldn’t be there, here are the highlights from this week’s event to launch Three Hands Insight

On Tuesday morning, Three Hands Insight was launched to a packed room in what used to be the People’s Mission Hall off Whitechapel Road.

We heard three case studies of how businesses had engaged with charities and their beneficiaries – on the ageing population, people affected by cancer, and those accessing their pension aged 55. In each case, they had learned huge amounts from “talking to real people about their real lives”, as one speaker put it, and then used what they discovered to develop innovative products, services and customer experiences.

Guests from organisations including Aviva, BT, Centrica, eBay, M&GPrudential, Mastercard and Whitbread then broke into smaller group discussions, drawing on experiences from their own sectors. They challenged the term “vulnerable customers” as “something not to be used outside of the office” and were open about how their businesses often inadvertently cause rather than address vulnerabilities, including by “hiding behind the complexity of their products”. There was a real energy in the room for changing this and a sense that a good way to go about it was to hone in on understanding a specific issue in detail rather than trying to tackle everything at once.

These rich and wide-ranging discussions are captured in more depth in our Linked In article here.

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