Lived Experts Research Community.

Insights and ideas from customers in vulnerable circumstances.

Our Lived Experts Research Community provides first-hand insight on life with vulnerabilities. There are over 200 people in the community, from all over the UK. They represent a wide range of circumstances, such as low and erratic income, persistent debt, low financial capability, poor mental health, disability, bereavement, unpaid caring and addiction.

Vulnerabilities rarely exist in isolation, and one often leads to another. Members typically display multiple vulnerability circumstances.

Our lived experts bring their views and experiences to:

  • Pop-up panels that critique products and services
  • Insight sessions on their experiences as customers
  • Immersive innovation programmes
  • One-to-one interviews
  • ‘Rapid reaction’ surveys on topical issues
  • Journaling on particular experiences



who has lived through mental health problems triggered by a traumatic childhood, resulting in the loss of a well-paid job, a drinking addiction and financial problems.


who has given up work to care for a family member with a long-term illness, and as a result is financially vulnerable and risks becoming socially isolated.


whose disability leads to periods of ‘brain fog’ when she becomes less capable of financial management, more at risk of falling into debt and prone to periods of anxiety.

Selected characteristics of the community

A physical disability or impairment 33 %
A non-visible or learning disability 25 %
Neurodiversity 23 %
Poor mental health* 67 %
Addiction* 18 %
Bereavement* 55 %
Low or erratic income 38 %
Low knowledge or confidence in managing financial matters 25 %

*now or in the past

These are tough circumstances, but the good news is that our lived experts are positive, highly engaged and full of ideas – and they want their voices heard in business.

See how our Lived Experts Research Community members bring invaluable insight on a range of topics to Lloyds Banking Group.

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