Vulnerability insight sessions

Insights from customers in vulnerable circumstances on the issues that affect them

A series of ongoing conversations between lived experts at the sharp end of issues that life can throw at you, and people in a variety of roles at Lloyds Banking Group, which shed light on the realities of life for vulnerable customers.

Four online sessions are dedicated to each topic, which have included fraud & scams, neurodiversity, digital exclusion, mental capacity and the cost-of-living crisis. We hear from 60 lived experts per topic, building up a picture of their circumstances, needs and experiences of banking as we go. They also share their ideas for how banking could be better for them.

We produce videos summing up the conversations so that the learning can be spread far and wide within the bank. Lived experts have their voices heard, whilst the bank gains powerful, first-hand insight and compelling ideas for new approaches and services that will benefit all customers, not just those who are deemed vulnerable.

“It has helped me to continue to build an inclusive mindset.”

Programme participant, Lloyds Banking Group

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