Inclusive Design Panel

Inclusive design at the heart of products and services

An inclusive approach to design is recognised as being essential for creating good outcomes for a wide range of customers, but how much inclusive design is there behind what banks do?

At NatWest Group, there’s more and more. We’ve developed the Inclusive Design Panel to critique the bank’s products, propositions, services and communications. It’s made up of ‘critical friends’ from charities and lived experts who view the products through the lenses of their own vulnerabilities, providing a level of detail and scrutiny that enlightens product owners on the needs of customers who often feel underserved.

The panel meets monthly and the charities and lived experts are paid for their expertise, meaning that not only is the bank receiving essential insights and feedback on a regular basis, but also new income streams are being created for charities and the people they support.

“The panel has been invaluable for ensuring that the new propositions we create are designed to be more accessible, more inclusive and meet the needs of customers from various backgrounds and capabilities.”

Hannah Jones, Strategy Manager – Customers in Vulnerable Circumstances, Natwest Group

“It’s an incredibly powerful tool to get design feedback that will specifically address issues for vulnerable customers but will likely work for all.”

Natwest Product Owner

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