Disability Chapter 2023

Bringing neurodiversity to life in a big organisation

To enhance the launch of the new Wells Fargo Disability Chapter in London we ran two immersive insight conversations on neurodiversity. The aim was to increase staff engagement with the new network, while also providing insights to make the workplace more accessible and inclusive.

Drawing on our ‘outside in’ approach, each session brought together a charity expert and two people with lived experience. We wanted staff to step into the shoes of neurodivergent people through the lived experts sharing their honest, real-life experiences.

The first, with the charity Scope, provided a grounding on which conditions fall under the neurodiversity umbrella, how everyone experiences them differently and how societal norms can present barriers. The second, with neuro-inclusive workplace and recruitment specialist ENNA, explored the ways in which neurodiversity manifests in the workplace, how to accommodate well for neurodiverse colleagues, and the tangible benefits of neurodiverse employees for the business.

Hundreds of people joined the two sessions, both in the room and online, sharing their own personal experiences and asking great questions. The sessions have raised the profile of the network and provided tangible ways the workplace can be made more inclusive for neurodiverse employees.

“The partnership with Three Hands and our Disability employee network provided our employees with a variety of insights into the world of neurodivergent people and their families. The sessions, organised and facilitated by Three Hands, were both educational and thought-provoking, while empowering attendees to share their own experiences in a safe space.”

Lorraine Kelly and Will Baker Co-Chairs, Wells Fargo Disability Employee Resource Network EMEA

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