Case studies.

Our work, brought to life through short case studies.

These examples highlight the ways in which we help business, charities and lived experts to work together, to create impact in business and impact in society, hand in hand.

To enhance the launch of the new Wells Fargo Disability Chapter in London we ran two immersive insight conversations on neurodiversity.
We’ve developed the Inclusive Design Panel to critique the bank’s products, propositions, services and communications. It’s made up of ‘critical friends’ from charities and lived experts.
For some people, the consequences of a power cut could be critical. We gathered a panel of people from our Lived Experts Research Community medically reliant on uninterrupted power to hear their views on back-up power solutions and future green developments.
A series of ongoing conversations between ‘lived experts’ at the sharp end of issues that life can throw at you, and people in a variety of roles at Lloyds Banking Group, sheds light on the realities of life for vulnerable customers.
We engaged people responsible for the Consumer Duty in six financial services businesses – covering banking, pensions, savings, investments and financial advice – with lived experts in vulnerable circumstances, to help them better respond to the regulator’s new requirements.
Quilter wanted to make improvements to their bereavement processes to give the loved ones of deceased customers a better, simpler and easier experience. We supported with insights and ideas from lived experts and charity ‘critical friends’.
We used our immersive innovation approach to help Experian understand the financial lives of older people and, working with Open Age members, co-create new ideas for products and services.
The team responsible for life and critical illness products at Royal London was aware of the changing landscape of the cancer world, but wanted to learn directly from people affected.
Many assume the move to a cashless society is only a matter of time. This programme’s aim was to deepen the bank’s understanding of how and why millions of people in the UK continue to choose to use cash.
That's all of our case studies.