About us.

We’re a small, purpose-driven insight agency committed to the Three Hands mantra of creating business value and social value, hand in hand.

Through our work at Three Hands over the last 18 years we recognised that charities, and the people they support, can provide insights and ideas of huge value to businesses. Three Hands Insight was created in 2019 to help companies to better understand, and support, any customer who is vulnerable or underserved.

Every programme we work on involves charities and/or ‘lived experts’ – people who are at the sharp end of issues life can throw at you – at its heart. We’ve developed our network of lived experts through charities that we’ve worked with for many years and we are proud to create new revenue streams to support their wider missions.

Based in London, we work all over the UK, as well as running programmes virtually.

Our team has the unique blend of skills that are required to create and run brilliant insight and innovation programmes. These include: design; facilitation; research; project management; expertise on societal issues; research community management; insight analysis; graphic illustration and videography.

You can find out more about us below.

The team

Managing Director
Associate – Illustrator
Lived Experts Research Community Manager
Programme Facilitator (Associate)
Social Insight Consultant
Senior Project Manager