Gain first-hand insight on
underserved markets &
vulnerable customers –
and innovate with empathy.

Inclusive business means products, services and
customer experiences that work for everyone.

‘Critical friends’ workshops with subject matter experts from the third sector and the people they support.

Immersive innovation for deep insight and experience of an issue, creating solutions with charities and their users.

People panels providing ongoing access to consumers affected and with useful things to say.


Ageing Population

By 2030, one in five people in the UK will be aged 65 or over.

Digitally Excluded

The world is going digital, but 11.3m adults in the UK are classed as digitally excluded.


An estimated 4 million older adults in the UK have a limiting long-standing illness, equating to 40% of all people aged over 65

Disability & Accessibility

Life costs you an average of £583 more per month if you’re disabled.

Financial Vulnerability

10 million households in the UK have no savings.

Ethical Consumption

At least 49% of the UK population have chosen not to buy a particular product or shop at a particular outlet because of concerns about its ethical reputation.

Statistic sources

“Thanks to Three Hands’ hard work and preparation the virtual sessions worked really well. I would definitively recommend and look forward to working with them in future innovation sprints.”

“This was one of the best insight gathering workshops I’ve ever participated in.”

“The insight from those with lived experience was so powerful and will live long in the memory.”


Money Advice Trust podcast on lived experience

Chris Fitch brings together an expert panel to explain just what an ‘expert by experience’ is, how organisations select which experts and charities to work with, and how this engagement can improve outcomes for vulnerable customers. Jan is one of the speakers, focusing on the difference between market research and using lived experience.

Launch of The Outside In Project – 2021

This week we have launched the Outside In Project, a brand new way for people in businesses to reach beyond their corporate walls in order to understand and act upon the most important issues for their colleagues, customers and communities.

Social Issues Spotlight: The ageing population

This month's Social Issues Spotlight explores what all businesses need to know about the UK's ageing population.


From lived experience to customer strategy

Identifying what the bank’s role should be with customers at risk of, or experiencing, gambling-related harm
product service innovation

Life insurance and cancer

Gaining insight on people’s experiences of cancer

Vulnerability and pensions

Understanding what drives customers’ pension decisions


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